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AdobeFlashPlayerYou would think that something as simple as the Adobe Flash Plugin would be an easy update right?

Not really. Actually, this is a prime example of how a simple piece of repetitive grunt work can provide immense value to your clients.Read more…


Mac-MSP’s one-of-a-kind solution for automated maintenance on the Mac, including:

  • disk verification and repair
  • scheduled to work around your user’s schedule
  • a fully stocked turn-key Munki repository for software updates
  • displays your branding so clients know you are working for them

And more


Mac-MSP’s solution for remote shell and screen sharing support on the Mac:

  • remote support without interrupting your users
  • ubiquitous access to the command line of Macs you support
  • receive notices from servers that go offline
  • unlimited simultaneous admin connections

And more