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Install Mac-MSP Gruntwork and let us take care of the time consuming and mundane “grunt work” – while you and your team work on what really matters: delivering your expertise, building projects that bring you revenue, and making your organization more efficient.

Save yourself time and money by leaving the “grunt work” to Gruntwork

Mac-MSP is now part of MAX Remote Management by LOGICnow – Try it FREE for 30 days.

Great Maintenance = Faster Troubleshooting.

Think of what you would do when trying to solve a user’s support request: run a disk verification utility. Run permission repair. Update the affected software to the latest version. Gruntwork already did them all. Your time spent troubleshooting issues is greatly reduced when the common maladies are already ruled out. Better yet, Gruntwork prevents many common problems, so the Mac just works.

Cause No Downtime.

Every time you or your users themselves perform maintenance, it steals from yours and their valuable working hours – effectively creating down time. Gruntwork runs maintenance based on your users’ schedules and when they are not using their Mac so we never interrupt their day.  If they never stop, we issue a gentle reminder asking them to log out at the end of a working day.

Trouble Free Patching.

Gruntwork deploys nearly 200 software update packages including all the programs you are concerned about. Leave it to us to manage. We manually test everything before being installing on your production Macs. Installation happens automatically: turnkey, stocked, and always up to date.

Want more features?  We got ’em.

  • Background tasks run like a screensaver – only when idle
  • Removal of common adware garbage
  • Clam scans of commonly infected files and whole disks
  • Permission repairs (set file system permissions to match pkg receipts)
  • Backup and purge of user and system caches
  • Extended memory testing
  • Central logging of activity and results on web admin UI
  • Control of schedule and preferences on web admin UI
  • Integration with Watchman Monitoring

Watch this short video to make the most of your 30-day trial and see the current features of MAX Remote Management, how the Mac-MSP software integrates, and some previews of coming attractions.

As referenced in the video: how to deploy MAX Remote Management via Apple Remote Desktop, click here.

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